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Company Profile

  Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co.,Ltd. was established in 2015, the main business engaged in ship, port machinery, steel and other fields of expertise in technology development, technical advice, technical services, technology transfer and related equipment design, integration, Sales.

  Company to ship design and related professional-based, with the structure, outfitting, turbine, piping, electrical and other professional teams. All the staff have the relevant professional design and production experience for five years and above, designed to cover the basic design, detailed design, production design, including the design cycle, and for the shipyard and marine enterprises to provide production technology, on-site guidance Technical Support.

  Up to now, the company's core technical team as a result of the design results include large merchant ships, engineering vessels, floating dock, equipment modules, marine machinery, the design of products have been put into commercial operation. And domestic, Europe, the United States, South Asia and other countries and regions have close communication between the owner, and with the major classification societies to maintain close cooperation and technical exchanges.

  Companies adhering to the "proactive, based on innovation; complement each other, a total of shared with the" purpose, in line with the current general technical requirements and production processes under the premise of seeking to enhance the ship's research and development capabilities and technical research capabilities, positive innovation, To provide the best design and technical services, and strive to build the company into an internationally competitive industry core technology innovation-oriented enterprises.