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Basic Introduction to Marine Engineering

Source : Shanghai Rui Si BeiDate : 2017-09-05Clicks : Loading...

  Marine engineering refers to the development, utilization, protection, restoration of marine resources for the purpose, and the main project in the coastline to the sea side of the new, alteration, expansion project. It is generally believed that the main contents of marine engineering can be divided into two parts: resource development technology and equipment and facilities, including: reclamation, sea dam engineering, artificial island, sea and seabed material storage facilities, cross sea bridge, subsea tunnel project, Submarine pipeline, submarine power (light) cable engineering, marine mineral resources exploration and development and ancillary works, maritime tidal power station, wave power station, temperature and power station and other marine energy development and utilization projects, large seawater farms, artificial reef project, Desalination and other seawater comprehensive utilization projects, maritime entertainment and sports, landscape development projects, as well as the national marine authorities in conjunction with the State Council department in charge of environmental protection of other marine engineering.