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Development Status of Marine Engineering in China

Source : Shanghai Rui Si BeiDate : 2017-09-05Clicks : Loading...

  Global marine engineering equipment market demand is recovering, by 2020 the average annual demand will be as high as about 50 billion US dollars. Faced with this opportunity, experts believe that China should solve the problem of low-end products as soon as possible to enhance the core strength, to seize the international market.

  From the global energy demand, supply and oil prices and other factors, the prospects for marine equipment market can be expected. Future global drilling platforms, production platforms and marine engineering vessels and other marine equipment market demand is broad, is expected in 2014-2020, the global marine engineering equipment market average annual market demand of about 50 billion US dollars.

  Focusing on the huge market space, China has accelerated the pace of development of marine engineering industry in recent years. Take the jack-up platform as an example, as of 2014 China's orders have been ranked first in the world, accounting for more than 30%, while in 2006 accounted for only 7%, see "China's marine engineering industry market outlook and investment Strategic planning analysis report ".

  However, experts believe that the marine engineering industry with product requirements of high reliability, high technical threshold, high capital-intensive features. China's marine product research and development is still in the low-end link of the entire high-end industrial chain. From the sea industry stratification point of view, from the next order is the financial enterprises, supporting services enterprises, the core equipment business, as well as shipyard enterprises. Most of China's maritime industry is a shipyard, contact with offshore engineering finance and services.

  China mainly produces self-elevating platform and three working vessels, platform supply ships and other marine auxiliary ship, independent research and development, engineering design and innovation capacity is relatively weak, the core technology and high-end design is missing.

  Drilling equipment and other equipment accounted for 60% of the value of the drilling platform, in addition to raw materials, labor and profit margins. Must be firmly in control of drilling equipment and other equipment independent production and research and development capabilities, or only the cost of human resources will be eroded away the profits.

  To extend the value-added service area is the only way to industrial development. China should first fully consolidate the marine industry has been involved, such as hull manufacturing, and then upgrade to high-end industries. In the industrial upgrading on the basis of innovation and R & D capabilities and improve the ability to support the value of both ends of the chain extension. The future, not yet involved in the new field, and gradually fill the gaps in the domestic.

  In the "pyramid" of the marine equipment industry chain composed of shipyards, core equipment enterprises, technical advisory services enterprises and financial enterprises, financial enterprises are undoubtedly at the top of the "pyramid". China also needs to draw lessons from London as the representative of the developed countries shipping finance development experience, take the financial as the core drive the combination of financial development model, build the system of marine financial industry.