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Basic description of the ship

Source : Shanghai Rui Si BeiDate : 2017-09-05Clicks : Loading...

  Boats and ships, the general name of various vessels. A ship is a means of transport that can be navigated or parked in a waters for transport or operation, and has different technical performance, equipment and structural types according to different requirements.

  The ship is an artificial vehicle that is mainly operated in geographical water. In addition, civil ships are generally referred to as ships, military ships called ships, small boats known as boats or boats, which collectively known as ships or boats. The interior mainly includes accommodation space, support structure and drainage structure, with the use of external or built-in energy propulsion system. Appearance is generally conducive to overcome the flow resistance of the linear envelope, the material with the scientific and technological progress constantly updated, early for the wood, bamboo, hemp and other natural materials, modern steel and aluminum, glass fiber, acrylic and various composite materials.