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Brief overview of ship structure

Source : Shanghai Rui Si BeiDate : 2017-09-05Clicks : Loading...

  The ship is composed of many parts, according to the role and use of various parts, can be summarized as the hull, ship power plant, ship electrical and other three parts.

  Hull is the basic part of the ship, can be divided into the main part and the upper part of the building. The main part generally refers to the lower part of the upper deck, which is surrounded by the hull (ship bottom and ship side) and the upper deck with a specific shape of the hollow body, is to ensure that the ship has the required buoyancy, navigation performance and hull strength of the key part The Hulls are generally used to deploy power units, load cargo, store fuel and fresh water, and arrange other types of compartments.

  In order to ensure the strength of the hull, to improve the ship's anti-sinking and the layout of various compartments, usually a number of strong watertight bulkheads and inks, the formation of a certain number of water in the main body cabin, and the need to add an intermediate deck or platform, The main level is divided into several layers.

  The superstructure is located above the upper deck and is surrounded by the left and right side walls, front and rear walls and floors. The interior is mainly used for the furnishings of various uses such as working compartments, living spaces, storage spaces, equipment Cabin and so on. The size, floor and type of superstructure vary depending on the ship's use and scale.

  (Propeller is the main type); auxiliary machinery and equipment for the operation of the propulsion device, such as fuel pump, oil pump, cooling, propulsion, propulsion, propulsion, propulsion Water pumps, heaters, filters, coolers, etc .; ship power station, which is the ship's deck machinery, auxiliary machinery within the cabin and the ship to provide electricity; other auxiliary machinery and equipment, such as boilers, compressors, Pumps, lifting machinery and equipment, maintenance machines and so on. Usually the host (and boiler) other than the machinery referred to as auxiliary equipment.

  The ship's electrical equipment includes the main and auxiliary equipment on board and other electrical equipment.

  The other equipment and equipment in the ship, in addition to the propulsion device, there are anchor equipment and mooring equipment; rudder equipment and steering gear; life-saving equipment; fire equipment; inside and outside the communication equipment; lighting equipment; signal equipment; Equipment; ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; seawater and living fresh water systems; ballast water systems; liquid tank sounding systems and ventilation systems; bilge water dredging systems; marine electrical equipment; other special equipment Need to be determined).