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Recently, our company has successively signed two ship modification technical service contracts:

  • On July 25, our company signed a technical service contract for the refitting design of ship exhaust gas treatment system for ContiOcean Environment Tech Co.,Ltd 
  • On August 6, our company signed a service contract for Weihai COSCO Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd. to provide technical services for the installation of BWMS systems on operating ships.

Our company has solid technical strength and personnel reserve, while maintaining the ship design as our main business, actively expanding the scope of business. Since this year, we have signed a number of high value contracts, including supervision for owner, ship refitting technical services.

The main business of Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co.,Ltd. is ship design, with the provision of basic ship design, detailed design and production design of one-stop technical services and technical staff, has the ability to provide various forms of technical service support for shipowners, shipyards, equipment manufacturers.
At the same time, our company actively expand our business scope, and strive to improve our business capabilities and technical reserves, to meet market demand. furthermore, to secure our role in the complex and challenging ship market.

ContiOcean Environment Tech Co.,Ltd  is focusing on the environmental protection of ships and marine engineering. This desulfurization technology has been successfully developed into COIS series inline multi-stream hybrid scrubber system to reduce environmental emission impact from marine fuel oil combustion units. The system meets the requirements of the IMO MEPC 259 (68), which greatly reduces the pollution of marine fuel burning to the atmospheric environment. COIS inline multi-stream hybrid marine scrubber system successively obtained the certificates of DNV GL, Lloyd’s and ABS. The system can be applied to the following types of ship: Cruise vessels, RoRo ships, cargo ships, and ferries operating with HFO. Company website: http://www.contiocean.com.cn

COSCO (Weihai) Shipbuilding Marine Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as WECOSCO Technology), subordinate to China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, is founded by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (64% share) and Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd. (36% share) with joint capital in October 2011. It is engaged in research, development and manufacture of high-tech, environmental protection and energy saving marine equipment.Now WECOSCO Technology is specialized in research, development and marketing of marine products of new technology, environment protection and energy saving. Based on this main direction, WECOSCO Technology will continue to explore other environmentally friendly marine equipment and form a series of marine products centered on ballast water management system, exhaust gas treatment system, marine plate heat exchanger and marine shore power system in the next five years. WECOSCO Technology is devoted to become a well-known and distinctive marine equipment manufacturer in shipbuilding industry. 
website: http://en.wecosco.com/