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Our company purchased American FARO 3-D scanner from Nanjing Longce Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. Recently, Longce Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. formally handed over the equipment and accessories to our company, and conducted a 2-day training.

Our equipment is FARO FOCUS S70 3-D scanner, enables fast, straightforward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It records architectural fa?ades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results with a range of 70m per scan with distance accuracy up to ±1mm, It can Capture 1 million points and achieve high-speed storage of their three-dimensional relative coordinates, the launch of the SCENE 7.0 software support for FARO suite of real-time field registration functions.
FOCUS S70 has industrial performance and high-performance price ratio. The main functions include IP54 dust-proof and waterproof protection (suitable for high particle concentration and humid weather conditions), HDR imaging and wider operating temperature range. In addition, users can freely choose the software tools that are most conducive to their workflow, including FARO SCENE or other third-party software. CAD MATIC software deployed by our company fully supports FARO data, and can complete the work of scanning to model creation and drawing output.

In recent years, with the improvement of international environment standards such as ship exhaust gas treatment system and ballast water treatment system, the demand for ship refitting has shown a blowout growth. Previously, when the company undertook the task of refitting design, the point cloud data came from the third-party scanning company. Because the scanning company lack of professionalism of ship design, the point cloud data provided by the scanning company often could not meet the design requirements. Therefore, our company decided to purchase scanning equipment, and set up a team of scanning services, from the perspective of designers, to scan the ship and other application scenarios, so as to greatly improve the effectiveness and accuracy of point cloud.
In terms of equipment and software application, in fact, before the Nanjing Longce came the training, We had mastered the use of equipment and the optimization of station layout by self-study. The ship's ballast water scanning in Turkey was a successful case for example.