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RMT succeed on the first oversea technical service

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                                                                                                        RMT succeed on the first oversea technical service

During 19th to 21st of July, 2018, RMT succeed providing oversea technical service, as the first time, engineering team did the work in Izmir of Turkey. The mission was doing 3-D scan for “DA YUAN HU” which is a crude oil vessel with deadweight of 159,000 tons.
The service is for COSCO (Weihai) Shipbuilding Marine Technology Co., Ltd. who provide ballast water treatment system “Blue ocean shield” and retrofitting services. RMT’s scope is to provide 3-D scanning onboard and full engineering support, include detail design, production engineering and site supports.
Because the berthing duration of the vessel is only 24 hours, so we have to have a tight schedule, before departure to Turkey, always keep an eye on the ship’s trace, meanwhile, getting visa, booking tickets and doing technical preparation. At same day of 19th of July, our engineers and the ship arrived at Aliaga, work started immediately and last the full night. After checking scanning data on spot, it is proved all obtained values are valid and sufficiently.
The team returned Shanghai in the next day, which means the whole service period is only 3 days, we got 6GB data.
RMT, providing high quality, most efficient service all over the world.

Annex I: COSCO (Weihai) Shipbuilding Marine Technology Co., Ltd.
The company is a sub-company of COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company (COSIC), and a subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (China COCO Shipping Group) which is the merged entity of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) and China Shipping (Group) Company (China Shipping).
COSCO Weihai specializes in Blue Ocean Shield Ballast Water Management System-R&D, Production, Sales and Services, obtained certificates of ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standard, ISO 14001:2004 Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001:2007. The new designed system BOS passed all 15 land-basis tests which required by USCG.

Annex II: The vessel “DA YUAN HU”
Length over all:   274.70m
Breadth Moulded:  48.0m
Depth Moulded:    24.0m
Draft:             16.0m
Deadweight:   159,000MT
Class:             CCS


                                                                                         DA YUAN HU is unloading at Aliaga


                                                         Manufacturing, commissioning of the Blue Ocean Shield system


                                                                         BOS system of Blue Ocean Shield


                                                                         RMT engineers, scanning


                                                                     Figure of scanning result


                                                                   Beautiful sunrise at Aliaga