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  • Geotechnical & Offshore Solutions--GeoSea2018.08.11

    GeoSea is DEME’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects. GeoSea offers a wide variety of services to owners of offshore assets, marine consultants and marine contractors in the sectors of offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Civil Engineering.

  • Basic Introduction to Marine Engineering2017.09.05

    Marine engineering refers to the development, utilization, protection, restoration of marine resources for the purpose, and the main project in the coastline to the sea side of the new, alteration, expansion project.

  • Development Status of Marine Engineering in China2017.09.05

    Global marine engineering equipment market demand is recovering, by 2020 the average annual demand will be as high as about 50 billion US dollars. Faced with this opportunity, experts believe that China should solve the problem of low-end products as soon as possible to enhance the core strength, to seize the international market.

  • Basic description of the ship2017.09.05

    Boats and ships, the general name of various vessels. A ship is a means of transport that can be navigated or parked in a waters for transport or operation, and has different technical performance, equipment and structural types according to different requirements.

  • Brief overview of ship structure2017.09.05

    The ship is composed of many parts, according to the role and use of various parts, can be summarized as the hull, ship power plant, ship electrical and other three points.

  • What are the main properties of the ship?2017.09.05

    Refers to the ship in a variety of loading conditions, can float in the water and maintain a certain first, tail draft and freeboard capacity. According to the balance of gravity and buoyancy of the ship, the floating nature of the ship is related to the loading capacity and the safety of navigation.